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Get featured on HappiStar Sports!

Are you looking to share your sports betting knowledge with an information-hungry audience? Well, you’ve come to the right place. HappiStar Sports is looking for guest authors to contribute to the sports betting community! 

HappiStar Sports is a reputable and trustworthy information platform for all online sports betting news. With the latest updates on all hot topics around the globe, you are guaranteed correct and timely information. 

You don’t need to go anywhere else to get the latest scoops in online sports betting. HappiStar Sports is committed to delivering researched and accurate blogs that are written by experts in the online sports betting industry. To promote knowledge sharing, we are in search of guest authors who want to contribute to the sports gambling genre.

We welcome capable authors with relevant expertise in the online sports gambling industry. Since we cater to a broad gambling audience, you can choose the genre you wish to contribute your content to. Here are some of the areas of online gambling that we work for. 

  • Sports betting
  • Sports News (football/soccer, boxing, MMA, NFL, basketball, cricket, etc.)
  • Horse racing
  • eSports
  • Betting advice or ‘how-to’ guides & strategies for beginners
  • Other online games
  • Lotteries

If it’s something you can bet on, HappiStar Sports is the one-stop solution to know about it all! 

Why you should contribute a gambling guest blog

If you have the knowledge, then why not share it? Guest authors provide a different perspective and can share your experiences and pitfalls. Guest blogging is a great way to showcase your talent in the online sports betting industry and get recognized for it!

To become a guest author, all you need is a flair for writing and something relevant to share from the online gambling industry. If you have a personal blog or a site related to gambling, then guest blogging is a great way to promote your brand! You can generate positive PR and reach a whole new set of the online audience just by submitting a few guest blogs to HappiStar Sports.

A few guidelines to keep in mind 

  • We only accept articles written in English with accurate spellings and grammar.
  • Written in a casual conversational-tone rather than a promotional tone.
  • The articles should be a minimum of 400 words.
  • The articles must be 100% unique, no plagiarism will be tolerated.
  • You cannot publish the article anywhere else after it’s on our site.

Can you include links in your article?

Yes, you can include one backlink to your website along with relevant links to other websites. 

Are images allowed?

It is not mandatory to include images. If you wish to enhance your articles with photos, send it through to us in the highest resolution possible. Also, make sure you have the necessary permissions to use the images. 

What are the formatting standards for the article?

We accept articles written as Word Documents, Google Docs, PDF, HTML, or plain text.

When will your article be published?

The article you submit goes through multiple screening processes. After the article is approved, the final editing and proofreading will take a couple of days. Then the article will be published as a guest blog on the HappiStar Sports website.

Are sponsored posts or advertising articles allowed?

Get in touch with our marketing team, who can help you with the right guidelines for sponsored and advertising posts. 

How do I submit my guest article?

After you have written the article, all you have to do is send it through to our editorial team at [email protected]! If there is any additional information needed from your end, we will get in touch with you.