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Things To Know Before You Start Betting On Sports

With over 3.5 million patrons of online sports betting in Thailand, sports betting is becoming increasingly popular. Despite the gambling ban and the strict rules, Thailand still has a very active online sports betting industry.

Sports betting is one of the easier gambling avenues. Read on to find out things you should know before starting online sports betting

5 Things You Should Know Before Starting Online Sports Betting in Thailand

With so many options to choose from and sports to bet on, you might find it tricky as a beginner. Instead of going in blind, here are five things you should know before venturing into online sports betting in Thailand. 

  1. Sports Betting Online Might Not Be Legal

Every country and region has its own rules about gambling. Whether it is online gambling or physical casinos, Thailand has some stringent controls in place. Online sports betting is just second to the most popular form of gambling in Thailand, the lottery. 

The bottom line is online sports betting is neither illegal nor legal in Thailand, but there are ways you can escape scrutiny. While it’s risky, online gambling for sports betting is relatively easy and falls in the gray area. So, if you want to try online sports betting, make sure you know all the risks and proceed with caution. 

2. Withdrawal Might Not Be Allowed

After you register on a betting website, you’ll be asked to make a money deposit, which will help you place bets. The entire online sports betting industry is figuring out easy ways for people to deposit money. If there are no deposits made, then the sports betting industry will collapse. 

If you have good sportsbooks, then you might be able to withdraw your winnings. However, that is not the case everywhere. So, check out the withdrawal options and cash outflow requests before you deposit money. 

3. Online Casino Bonuses Aren’t Free.

No matter what sports betting platform you choose, they will offer you incentives in terms of bonuses. While these bonuses are a way to lure you into gambling on their website, they might not be free. As lucrative as the offers might seem, you can only avail of them if you deposit money. 

4. If You Win Too Much, You Might Be Banned 

Winning your bets and earning money is fun for you, not so much for your bookmaker. If you subsequently keep winning huge wagers, you’ll end up on their radar and get banned if you get banned from one site, its best to look for other websites for sports betting. 

5. Shopping Lines Could Be Profitable 

If you have more than one account for online sports betting, then your chances of winning are more. You can even increase your opportunity to select the best line. Most of the games have the same lines for every sport. You’ll notice that the lines differ by two or three. In this case, you can make the most money in the long run. 


Have you always been fascinated with betting on sports? Then what are you waiting for? Keep these things in mind before you venture into online sports betting in Thailand