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Best Online Sports Betting Sites 2021

If there’s one thing, Japanese people love more than sushi is gambling. Japan is a bit stringent on gambling; that is why only a handful of gambling opportunities are available. However, if you go online, you’ll find many sport bookmarkers and esports betting sites.

Whether you want to bet fixed or parley-style bets, you can have all the freedom with online esports betting. So, if you’re interested in betting on esports and other games not available in Japan, here are some of the best online sites!

Reviews of Top Japan Online Sports Betting Sites

Do you want to bet on sports while you’re in Japan? Check out these top online sports betting sites that you must try in 2021!

1.     Betway Review

Are you interested in betting while the game is going on? The live betting feature at Betway is effortless to use and trendy! There are sports and games from all around the world on Betway, and you can virtually bet on any sports whether it’s from Japan or not. Betway’s mobile platform is simple to use and comes with wagering options to place bets quickly.

2.     Bet365 Review

With a brilliant intuitive platform, bet365 is a favorite among sports bettors from Japan. From popular esports games like CS: GO, League of Legends to betting on sports like basketball, football, and boxing is easy with bet365. They also have live betting options that allow users to place bets while as the game progresses.

3.     Intertops Review

If you like many sports, from basketball, soccer to baseball and tennis, then Intertops is the betting platform for you. They offer multiple and varied bonuses along with live wagering options so that you can place bets as the game progresses. While their desktop version is excellent, their mobile version is just as good.

4.     Pinnacle Review

A favorite of many gamblers across the world and not just Japan, Pinnacle offers low margins and great winnings. With great betting odds and live wagering options, and high limits, Pinnacle is an excellent sportsbook. The Pinnacle mobile application and website offer sports betting on popular and niche esports games as well.

5.     Spin Palace Review

With their successful on-land casino, Spin Palace is flourishing in the online sports betting industry too. With special bonuses, live betting odds, and multiple paylines, you can practically bet on any sport you like. They have a wide variety of games like NFL, NHL, NBA, Formula 1 and offer esports betting on League of Legends and DOTA 2.

Is Online Betting on Sports Legal in Japan?

While all the above sites are not on-shore Japan and possess remote licenses, they are technically legal gambling options for Japanese players. The reason is that gambling is only illegal within the borders. So, it’s completely legal and safe to bet on sports as long as you do it online!

In Conclusion

Are you ready to earn profits rather than just support your favorite teams? Start online betting on any of the aforementioned top sports betting platforms in 2021!