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Sports Betting News on Football

Why Is Betting On Football So Popular? BeSoccer

Football, also known as soccer, is a widely popular sport on the planet. Not only does football have raving fans, but also a huge following for betting. 

Owing to the popularity of the sport, it has become easy to bet on this game. Football enthusiasts gamble on many international and domestic football leagues such as the World Cup, UEFA, and La Liga, to name a few!

We will help you discover the various facets of sports betting news for football. 

Live Sports Betting News: Football

With the advent of technology and mobile development, the process of betting has become much easier. Sports betting has become as easy as online shopping. 

Not only does it take a few clicks on your smartphone, but also you can gamble in real-time. Real-time sports betting, also known as in-play betting, is a trusted strategy used by football fans.

Betting on Football through the Internet

In this digital era, getting things done online is the norm. Sports betting for football is no different. Online sports betting platforms are compatible with all smart devices like phones and tablets. Any device with an internet connection will make it possible for you to place your football bets. 

Different Types of Football Bets 

Here are some popular bets that most bettors gamble on for football:

Correct score 

Guessing the exact score when the final whistle is blown. This is applicable when the football match does not go into overtime.


A scorecast is a type of betting odd where you bet on a player. In this, you predict when the player will score the goal and what will be the correct score. 

Outright win betting

In this, you vouch for a team to win the entire tournament or the competition.


A wincast bet to select the winning team and a player who will score at any time.


This is one bet comprising of multiple bets containing several teams result against the opponents. 

Handicap betting

In handicap betting, you give a “virtual head start” to one of the teams. A handicap is like a point spread for the odds. In this betting, there are only two possible outcomes and eliminates the possibility of a draw.


In this, you bet you will score the first, last, or any goal at any time.

Stage of elimination

In this, you bet on a team to get eliminated at a certain stage in the tournament. 

Football Competitions you can bet on

With multiple football tournaments happening worldwide, it can be confusing to decide where you want to place your bets. Many football tournaments are happening on an international and domestic stage all year round, simultaneously too! 

It’s easy to get overwhelmed. For that reason, we bring you a brief overview of the main football tournaments where you can place your bets!

World Cup

The world cup is the most popular football event happening every four years in a different host country. The game is usually held in the months of June-July, with over 32 participating teams who battle for the cup in knockouts.

UEFA Champions League

This is the annual club football competition for European teams in the UEFA confederations. The clubs that win within the country battle it out in the Champions League the following season. The championship.

Soccer in Asia

Asian Champions League is very similar to the football club tournaments of Europe like UEFA. In this, a total of 32 clubs compete in a round-robin format. The winners of the ASL qualify for the FIFA club world cup. 

English Premier League 

In this, England’s top 20 teams play against each other in a round-robin format. It’s a point-based scoring system where each club plays with the other teams. This is an important football tournament as the top 4 teams qualify for the next season’s Champions League. 

Spanish La Liga

The Spanish La Liga format is very similar to the English Premier League. 

Italian Serie A

The Italian Serie A also has the same number of teams, games, and format as the La Liga and EFL.

German Bundesliga

In this, the top division teams play against each other. However, they are only 18 teams who play 34 games every season. The rest is similar to EFL, La Liga, and Serie A.

Major League Soccer

This football tournament is the most betted in the USA. As the USA is huge compared to other countries, this top league is divided into the Western Conference and Eastern Conference. The teams in each conference play against all teams home and away. Then top six teams qualify for the playoffs from every conference. 

The playoffs are a series of knockouts, which leads up to the conference finals, and then the winners play against each other for the MLS cup. The regular season is between March-October leading up to the playoffs till December. 

Enjoy Sports Betting in Football

Now that you know the football betting scenario worldwide, you can make calculated wagers on top football betting sites. Make some good money, and have fun supporting your favorite teams!