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News: Call of Duty Betting Odds 2021

Call of Duty is one of the most popular video games ever. It is a first-person shooter game launched by Activision in 2003. While the game was initially set in a World War II theme, gradually, the franchise developed other exciting themes like outer space, cold war, etc.

Call of Duty is famous among a diverse age group and equally attracts online bettors. As a significant part of the eSports industry, gamblers from different parts of the world bet on various COD championships.

The Kickoff Classic is the first annual event wherein world-class Call of Duty teams battle it out in official matches. Even though this event does not amount to points, it allows players to showcase their skills.

Through this, fans can gear up for the 2021 season and see what to expect of the teams. The Kickoff Classic will show the group selection procedure for 2021. The 2020 reigning champions, Dallas Empire, will have the first pick for choosing the groups.

The team, Atlanta FaZe, will follow them. This team will be responsible for choosing the opposing teams.

Besides a $200,000 Grand Prize, the majors’ runner-up and the winner will procure the #1 and #2 positions during the following group selection. Since the Kickoff Classic will allow fans the first glimpse at competitive play, what are the betting odds for your favorite teams in 2021?

Find out right away!

Call of Duty: Matchup Odds for the Kickoff Classic

Here’s a quick roundup of the teams and their money lines for the Kickoff Classic weekend 2021.

  • Dallas Empire (-335)
  • New York Subliners (+240)
  • LA Guerillas (+110)
  • Seattle Surge (-145)
  • Atlanta Faze (-240)
  • Florida Mutineers (+160)
  • London Royal Ravens (-110)
  • Paris Legion (-125)
  • Toronto Ultra (-175)
  • Minnesota Rokkr (+130)
  • OpTic Chicago (-120)
  • Los Angeles Thieves (-105)

Dallas Empire vs. New York Subliners

The rivalry between Dallas Empire and the New York Subliners is the most sought after by fans. After Clayster’s removal just three days post winning the championship, he is ready to take on his old mates.

When one compares the four versus four environments from the last season, Dallas Empire is significantly leading. The New York Subliners took a nasty hit when ZooMaa ended competitive play owing to an injury.

Now, the Subliners will play the Kickoff with Diamoncon, their newest player. With the big 2021 season coming up soon, the odds are generously in favor of the Dallas Empire.

OpTic Chicago vs. Los Angeles Thieves

Los Angeles Thieves vs. OpTic Chicago is yet another matchup that has kept fans entertained for many seasons. After Dashy was benched in the 2020 season, he joined OpTic Chicago and will now play alongside the most popular professional players.

When considering both the lineups, the OpTics have a clear edge compared to the Thieves. Moreover, the presence of Envoy is bound to raise bets for this matchup substantially. Thus, the overall match, along with other aspects, will be heavily betted on this 2021 season.

Summing Up

If you haven’t experienced Call of the Duty yet, there’s still time! Download this fantastic game rich with graphics, sound, and features, and become part of one of the most prominent eSports cults ever!

What’s more, you can place huge bets on these matches and watch your favorite players win!