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6 Myths about Online Casino Apps That Are False

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Whether it is ordering pizza or placing online bets, you can do everything with a few swipes on your screen. Online casinos have been around for decades. Their popularity seems to be rising now in the face of government restrictions and ease of use. 

Many people are still apprehensive about online casino apps, so let’s debunk some of the myths. 

Debunking Online Casino App Myths

When everything is online, why not play your favorite casino slot games online too? Let’s see some popular myths so that you can jump into the fun and profiting from online gambling. 

Myth #1: Casino App Games Are Rigged 

As opposed to popular belief, the games are not rigged to favor the house. Backed by regular audits, online casino software suppliers are highly accurate and reliable. Most online casino apps provide a history of games so the users can check for any discrepancies. Users can feel much safe about using online casinos then. 

Myth #2: You Will Not Get Your Winnings

All it takes is one story about the online casino withholding money to scare you—however, it is not the truth. Online casino apps may have extensive document verification and waiting time for withdrawal, but that’s normal. Keep a minimum balance that you won’t mind losing in your betting account if the online casino abruptly shuts down. 

Myth #3: Online Casino Apps Are Addictive 

The ease of using a smartphone for gambling comes with its perks and drawbacks. Yes, it’s much easier to log in and play games from your phone than a physical casino. That is why online casinos can even help you curb your gambling problem by setting self-limits and breaks. 

Myth #4: Online Casino Apps Are Enabling Underage Gamblers 

Despite the ease of access to online casino apps, underage users cannot play as many games. The reason is that every casino registration has document verification, ID card, credit card details. While an underage user can steal credit card information, the other verification steps will undoubtedly hold them up from placing money bets. 

Myth #5: You Win In Play-Money Games over Paid Games 

All online casino apps have play-money games where you can practice real matches for free. Many users feel like they succeed at these games because it is rigged that way. The truth is that all the casino games, paid or not, run on the same software! So, it’s just a matter of chance that you are winning play-money games. 

Myth #6: You Ever Earn Bonuses 

Most online casino apps are generous with their bonuses for new and existing players. Users have reported that earning rewards becomes increasingly difficult as you play more. A simple trick is to look for casino apps that offer match play bonus over bonus dollars, this way, you can use these for loading your bet and ultimately winning. 


Now that you know the reality of online casino apps, why bother going to an on-land casino? Get unique deals and bonuses by playing your favorite online casino games on your smart devices!