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The Top Android Online Casino Apps 2020

The mobile gaming industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years. Now, mobile phones are the most preferred devices for gaming. Additionally, online gambling apps are some of the most popular gaming apps in use. 

Online casinos are constantly evolving in terms of software, user experience, and overall convenience. People place bets on these applications by creating an account and depositing money. Finally, they become eligible to win real cash with each bet.

More than 75% of smartphone-users use an Android-powered phone. This makes Android-compatible online casinos a more popular choice in the industry. The online gambling requirements are basic- a wireless internet connection, a phone, and an app!

The Editor’s Choice: Top Rated Android Online Casinos in 2020

You will find several Android-compatible online gambling apps on your phone’s Play Store. However, we recommend reading app reviews to ensure data security and trouble-free gaming experience.

Here is the editor’s choice list for the top-rated Android online casinos in 2020: 

  1. Spinz Casino

Spinz Casino is a UK-based online casino that provides a wide range of casino games to select from. It also offers live dealer games and ensures a smooth payout after each game.

Welcome Bonus: Rs 71,000

Win Rate: 97%

Payout Window: 2-5 Days


  • 24/7 Live customer chat service 
  • Offers live dealer casino games
  • Impressive game variety 


  • Relatively new app
  • Charges extra fees for some deposit or withdrawal options 
  • Slow withdrawals
  • Win limit of 250,000 Euros
  1. Leo Vegas

Leo Vegas is popular for its “instant gameplay” feature. It offers great variety, bug-free gaming, as well as exciting graphics. It is a well-known and trustworthy online casino app. 

Welcome Bonus: Rs 8,000

Win Rate: 92.11%

Payout Window: 2-5 Days


  • High-quality gaming software 
  • High-end graphics
  • Wide variety of games 


  • Users from some countries may not get bonuses
  • Limited transaction methods
  1. BetWay

BetWay is a reputed European online casino app. It is known for its promising gameplay experience, generous bonuses, quick transactions, and fair play. 

Welcome Bonus: Rs 90,000

Win Rate: 98.11%

Payout Window: 1-2 Days


  • Live dealer games
  • Swift Transactions
  • Several banking methods available for users


  • Slot game players are given more preference
  • Limited sports events
  1. Virgin Games

Virgin Games Online Casino offers a reliable Android app. It promises great bonuses, a low minimum deposit amount, as well as very low wagering requirements. Overall, it provides a hassle-free gambling experience. 

Welcome Bonus: 30 Free Spins or Free Bingo Tickets worth Rs 4,000

Win Rate: 97.30%

Payout Window: 2-3 Days


  • Many bonuses offered
  • Slots have frequent jackpots
  • Great customer support


  • The welcome bonus is not very generous
  • More preference is given to UK and Ireland users.
  1. World Winner

WorldWinner Casino is a US-based application. It offers users the opportunity to earn real money through a huge variety of games. It has a very secure and reliable software. 

Welcome Bonus: Rs 1,000

Win Rate: 97.50%

Payout Window: 1-2 Days


  • Exciting game variety
  • Reliable bug-free software 
  • Several transaction methods


  • Confusing interface
  • High rake-rate
  • It has trouble loading sometimes.

What kind of online gambling apps are available on Android? 

The Android Play Store offers plenty of online casino applications to choose from. However, these are not all of the same types. They have different features, requirements, and gameplay settings. Here’s all you need to know about the different types of Android casino apps:

  1. Free Play- No Real Money 

These apps operate free of charge. You do not need any registration or installation fee to start playing. Additionally, users need not pay for any in-app purchases like extra features or spins. These apps do not involve any deposit or withdrawal of real money. Such free-play apps are designed purely for entertainment.

  1. Free Play- Real Cash Allowed 

You can install these games free of charge. However, users can gamble using real money on these apps. The apps do not involve any in-app purchases for features but require minimum deposits post-registration.

  1. Paid Game- May Include In-App Transactions

Installation fees are chargeable for such games. Moreover, users are also required to pay to gamble with other users. Some apps also require additional payments for granting further game access. 

  1. Paid Casino Apps- Include Gaming Features

These are some of the most popular casino apps on Android’s Play Store. The paid apps have real Casino-like features and effects along with other exciting elements like races, themes, and characters. Such apps include in-app purchases to access premium features.

  1. Gaming Apps- Include Casino Games and Features

These apps are meant for gaming purposes, such as video games involving battles, quests, races, competitions, etc. However, they include casino elements like roulette wheels, slots, cards, etc.

What types of bonuses are offered by Android casino apps?

Android casino apps offer many different kinds of bonuses to attract a user. These bonuses are usually quite generous and frequently offered throughout the game. Players receive free credit in their registered app accounts through such bonuses.

Bonuses help in maintaining long-lasting credit. Here are the different bonuses you can expect from an Android casino app:

  1. Mobile Casino Free Spins

The free spin bonuses are very common in casino apps. These are given to new players after a fresh registration. You can also expect these as a part of a regular promotional offer if you’re a frequent player—these help in keeping your slot reels spinning for a longer time.

  1. Welcome Bonus

Most Android casinos offer a welcome bonus to new players as part of the registration process. These bonuses are added automatically or can be claimed through promo codes. Such bonuses are like free credit, a pre-match bonus, or free spins. The welcome bonus value varies from app to app.

  1. Match Bonus

A match bonus is a huge benefit for a bettor. This doubles a user’s funds. Some apps give 100% match bonuses while some offer less. These bonuses have wagering requirements. You must meet these requirements to avail this bonus and withdraw the amount.

  1. No Deposit Bonus

This bonus does not require any deposit. Betters can claim these bonuses at any time. Such bonuses are usually of a small amount. However, they are very useful during a high-pressure game. Casinos mandate users to wager any cash that is won on this bonus.

  1. Loyalty Bonus

Such bonuses can be found on a casino’s social media profiles, emails, or monthly newsletters. Apps also provide loyalty bonuses to their experienced and VIP members. These are mostly cash bonuses and help the player make up any loss that he may have incurred during games.

  1. Mobile Bonus

Some gambling apps offer bonuses for mere registration or social media sharing. Such bonuses are frequent and can greatly benefit a user. Players usually find these bonuses automatically applied to their accounts after new updates to the software. These bonuses are meant to drive more traffic to the app and encourage players to use the app more often.

Do I need to register separately to play on the Android and Desktop versions?

No, you do not require separate desktop and Android app accounts. When you play a game on a particular website, you register directly to the company’s database. Once your details are added to this database, they are managed securely.

An Android app asks you to sign-in with your account details. You need to use the same log-in credentials as your desktop version to enter your account. Remember to use your app safely. Do not keep your details saved on a device that’s not yours. People might misuse delicate information to mismanage your funds. 

Do all Android casino apps offer welcome bonuses?

Most Android casino apps offer welcome bonuses. These bonuses are found after completing the registration process and verifying all personal details. You can also avail of these bonuses by entering a discount code. 

Do not open any anonymous emails that pretend to give you a bonus after asking for your account details. These can be infected with malware or could be a phishing campaign. 

What kind of casino games can I play on Android apps?

Users can play all sorts of casino games on Android casino apps. These are Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat, Slot Games, and other classic casino table games. Some games are free of charge, while some may need in-app purchases.

Is my money safe with these casino apps?

Trusted and reviewed apps keep your money safe and secure. However, you need to look up the casino app you choose to play on because there is real money involved. Your financial details are mostly encrypted on reliable apps, so the risk of a leak is very low.


Playing online casino games on Android devices is beyond exhilarating, given the user-friendly software and exciting graphics. Moreover, our recommendations have been certified by experts for being trustworthy apps with great features. We recommend reading these reviews and checking the app ratings before betting real money. 

We hope you play responsibly, win big, and have a pleasant online gambling experience!